Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gentlemen, Speak Your Mind!

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One of my best friends, Anna, and I used to have this reoccurring conversation about how we wish guys would be intentional and verbal about their interaction with us rather than lazily going about things.

Anna’s problem was always getting stuck in the unknown—where a guy and her would be best friends, hanging out, talking all the time, but then, when it came down to him actually stepping up to the plate, he never did. This is what I call, “friendlationships”—where you get all of the benefits of a romantic relationship, without having the actual commitment to each other.

You could say that the guys just liked Anna as a friend and nothing more—which is always a possibility, but Anna’s a catch! She’s beautiful, intelligent, athletic, witty, loves sports and she has a killer golf swing. She’s the ultimate ideal girlfriend for any guy—but she would always find herself with these guys who were half-in or couldn't make up their mind.

Anna and I’s reoccurring conversation would always circle around this topic: Why don’t guys just come out and say what they’re thinking? Either, “Hey, I really like you and I’d like to get to know you better,” or “Hey, I’m just not feeling this.”

Sometimes, after a lot of patience, the truth does end up coming out.

But, I’m talking about having verbal confirmation during the beginning stages—that’s where I've noticed the lack of courage.

Talking about what’s going on inside your head really can benefit a situation—either it will save time or enhance your time together. So step up to the plate and let your intentions be known!

Lucky for Anna, her story ends well. She recently made a two-week trip to California to visit some friends. While she was there, she reconnected with a guy who escorted her down the aisle for a friend’s wedding two years ago. The day she left California he gave her a call and said, “Anna, I really like you. I’d love the opportunity to get to know you better.”

It’s only been three weeks since that phone conversation and he’s already asked her to be in a committed relationship. And even though the long-distance relationship
(Nebraska–>California) is going to be hard, I’m really glad she has finally found someone who goes with his gut and speaks his mind. It’s what she’s always wanted!

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